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Hindi – PG Dept.  
1 Dr. Sudhakar Upadhyay Principal & Head
2 Dr. Minakshi Associate Professor
3 Dr. Jaya Dwivedi Associate Professor
4 Dr. Renu Rani Singh Associate Professor
5 Dr. Jyotishwar Mishra Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Ambuj Kumar Pandey Lecturer
Sanskrit – PG Dept.  
1 Dr. Arvind Mishra Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Shishir Chandra Upadhyay Associate Professor
3 Dr. Maya Tripathi Associate Professor
4 Dr. Ashok Kumar Assistant Professor
English – PG Dept.  
1 Dr. Gauri Shanker Dwivedi Associate Professor & Head
2 Sri Ramesh Chandra Pandey Associate Professor
3 Sri Krishna Murari Dubey Lecturer
Political Science – PG Dept.  
1 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Dwivedi Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shukla Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Ashok Kumar Chandel Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Ramesh Chandra Ojha Associate Professor
5 Dr. Subhash Chandra Pandey Lecturer
Medieval and Modern History - PG Dept.  
1 Dr. Amitabh Triwari Assistant Professor & Head
Ancient History - PG Dept.

1 Dr. Indu Bhushan Dwivedi Assistant Professor & Head
2 Kiran Singh Lecturer
3 Dr. Richa Shukla Lecturer
4 Subas Chandra Singh Lecturer
Military Science - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Vinod Chandra Kaushik Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Rajkumar Singh Associate Professor
3 Dr. Virendra Singh Associate Professor
Music - Undergraduate Deaprtment  
1 Dr. Sarita Tripathi Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Archana Pandey Assistant Professor
3 Sri Giriza Shanker Savita Lecturer
Education Department - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Prafful Kumar Singhaniya Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Sunita Tripathi Associate Professor
Sociology - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Shashank Shekhar Dwivedi Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Makarand Jaiswal Assistant Professor
Geography - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Shyam Lata Singh Associate Professor & Head
Ecomnomics - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava Lecturer
Philosophy - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Raj Shekhar Shukla Lecturer
Psychology - UG Dept.  
1 -  
Physical Trainer - Games Dept.  
1 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh Yadav Lecturer
Chemistry - PG Dept.  
1 Dr. Vindhyachal Prasad Verma Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Devendra Pandey Associate Professor
3 Dr. Savyasanchi Upadhyay Lecturer
4 Sri Mahipal Singh Lecturer
Zoology - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Ravindra Singh Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Ashutosh Dwivedi Lecturer
Botany - UG Dept.  
1 Dr. Shyam Narain Singh Lecturer
2 Dr. Deelip Kumar Lecturer
Mathematics - UG Dept.  
1 Sri Sharad Mehrotra Lecturer
2 Dr. Anil Kumar Pandey Lecturer
3 Sri Sanjay Mishra Lecturer
Physics - UG Dept.  
1 Sri Vikas Sarraf Lecturer
Faculty of Education - B. Ed.  
1 Dr. Bhawabhuti Mishra Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Rai Assistant Professor
4 Dr. karnail Singh Lecturer
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